dlf lux 5 sector 54 gurgaon
dlf lux 5 Gurgaon new launch project


“The beauty of the galaxy: come to see’’

Picture waking up every morning to sunlight flooding through big windows, lighting up your amazing home. That’s what life is like at DLF Lux 5 Gurgaon. The bedrooms are super fancy, with separate dressing spots for him and her. And the living room deck? It’s huge and lets in so much natural light, making it the perfect spot to chill out.

The penthouses take luxury to the next level. They’ve got separate toilets and dressing areas for him and her, plus extra bedrooms for guests. Everything feels spacious and classy, from the fancy entrance lobbies to the high ceilings that make the place feel even bigger.

But it’s not just about looks. The windows are special, keeping the temperature just right and letting you enjoy the view. And there are cool extras like covered drop-off areas and lots of elevators. Basically, DLF Lux 5 Gurgaon is all about living the good life in style.

DLF Lux 5 The Apartments "In the Richness of Lux”

  • The master bedroom suite allows for a separate dress area for his and hers.
  • The external glazing in the living room deck is approximately 28 feet wide.
  • The living room deck has an area of approximately 350 sqft.
  • The front bedroom deck has an area of approximately 200 sqft.
  • The width of glazing in living room decks varies from approximately 28 feet wide.

The Elegance meaning “DLF Lux 5 Penthouse”

  • The master bedroom suite includes provision for separate toilets and dress areas for his and hers.
  • Additionally, two other bedrooms have provisions for separate dress areas for his and hers.
  • The accommodation for service staff is doubled in the penthouses.
  • The width of glazing in living room decks varies from approximately 31 feet wide.


  • Apartments are designed around a central core.
  • Grand entrance lobbies lead to both public and private areas.
  • Private lift lobbies are provided for every apartment.
  • Floor-to-floor height is 12 feet 3 inches.
  • Clear height of approximately 11 feet is achievable within the apartments, beneath the false ceiling.


  • A flat slab structural system ensures continuous clear heights throughout the apartment.
  • Minimum internal structural columns provide flexibility of layout.
  • Large column-free internal spaces are available within the apartments.


  • Clear height of 9 feet 6 inches.
  • Energy-efficient glass in the double-glazed units economizes air-conditioning loads and provides better acoustics.

FRONTAGE “feel the Touch”

Large frontage allows for 2 or 3 bedrooms and the living room to face the front landscaping, linear park (sanctuary), and the golf course.

DLF Lux 5 Gurgaon “the world luxury is here’’


  • Two large garden-facing front decks are provided for each apartment.
  • One deck is accessible from the living/dining area, and the other from the front bedrooms including the master suite.
  • Maximum depth of the front decks ranges from 8 feet to 12 feet.
  • A combined large deck is provided for rear bedrooms with a depth of up to 8 feet.
  • Misting provision is available on decks.
  • Straight edge decks provide substantial space for outdoor furniture.
  • The decks can accommodate a complete family sit-out area, including a dining facility.
  • Additional utility space apart from a large utility balcony.
  • Additional outdoor utility space is provided for service staff.
  • A 6 feet wide entry into the apartment from the service core facilitates the movement of large household items.
dlf lux 5 Gurgaon new launch project


  • Covered drop-off areas.
  • Exclusive drop-off areas.
  • Entrance halls.
  • Activity zones.


  • Passenger elevators.
  • Service elevators.
  • Shuttle elevators.
  • Hoisting arrangements.


  • Three-level basement.
  • Wide basement entry experience through 6 meters wide one-way ramp.
  • Provision for bicycle parking.
  • Designated areas for car washing.
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